International Organisations and Groups

Name Estd HQ Member Objective
The Commonwealth 1926 London 54 It was originally known as "The British Commonwealth of Nations'.It is an association of sovereign and independent states which formally made up the British empire.
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) 1989 Singapore 21 To promote trade and investment in the Pacific basin.
Asian Development Bank(ADB) 1966 Manila 67 To Promote regional economic cooperation.
Association of South-East Asian Nations(ASEAN) 1967 Djakarta 10 Regional,economic,social and cultural cooperation among the non-communist countries of South_East Asia.
Commonwealth of independent States(CIS) 1991 Minsk(Belarus) 11 To Coordinate inter-commonwealth relations and to provide a mechanism for the orderly dissolution of the USSR.
Group of 8(G-8) 1985 - 9 To Promote Co-operation amoung major non-communist economic powers.
Group of 15(G-15) 1989 Geneva(Switzerland) 18 To Promote economic co-operation among developing nations.
International Olympic Committee(IOC) 1894 Lausanne(Switzerland) 205 To promote the olympic ideals and administer olympic games.
Intrnational Organsation for Standardisation(ISO) 1947 Geneva(Switzerland) 163 To Promote the development of International Standards.
Non-Aligned Movement(NAM) 1961 - 118 Political CO-operation and Separate itself from both USA and USSR(in the cold-war era).
European Union(w.e.f. July 1, 1967) 1965 Brussels(Belgium) 27 To Create a united Europe in which member countries would have such strong economic and Political bonds that war would cease to be a recurring fact.
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