Superlatives (World) (The Largest, Biggest, Smallest,Longest, Highest)

Longest Airliner Boeing 747-8
Largest Airport King Abdul Khalid International Airport(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Highest Airport Bangda Airport, Tibet(now in China)
Tallest Animal(on land) Giraffe
Tallest Building Burj Khalifa, Dubai(828 m)
Largest Mammal Blue Whale
Largest Bay Hudson Bay, Canada
Largest Bird Ostrich
Smallest Bird Humming Bird
Fastest Bird Swift
Tallest Office Building Petronas twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia)
Longest Big-Ship Canal Suez canal(linking Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea)
Busiest canal(Ship) Baltic White Sea Canal
Longest Epic The Mahabharata
Largest Diamond The Cullinan
Largest Island Greenland (renamed Kalaallit Nanaat)
Largest Mosque Jama Masjid, Delhi
Longest Day June 21(in Northern Hemisphere)
Largest Delta Sundarbans, India
Largest Desert Sahara, Africa
Largest Lake(Artificial) Lake Mead (Bouler)
Deepest Lake Baikal(Siberia)
Highest Lake Titicaca(Bolivia)
Largest Lake(Fresh Water) Lake Superior, USA
Largest Coral formation The Great Barrier Reef(Australia)
Largest Continent Asia
Smallest Continent Australia
Highest Country Tibet(The Pamirs)
Largest Country(in population) China
Largest Country(in population) Russia
Biggest Dome Gol Gumbaz(Bijapur),India
Largest City(in population) Tokyo
Biggest Cinema House Roxy(New York)
Highest City Wen Chuan (Tibet,China)
Biggest City(in area) Mount Isa, Queens Land, Australia
Longest Bridge(Railway) Huex P Long Bridge(7009 m)
Largest Dam(Concrete) Grand Coulee Dam(USA)
Highest Dam Rogunskaya Dam Airels River Vakhsh, Tajikistan
Biggest Bell Great Bell at Moscow
Highest Straight Dam Bhakra Dam
Highest Capital City La Paz(Bolivia)
Highest Asian Desert Gobi,Mongolia
Largest Democracy India
Wingless Bird Kiwi
Reptile which changes its colour Chameleon
Most Intelligent Animal Chimpanzee
Highest Volcano Ojos del Salado, Andes, Argentine-Chile(6885 m)
Largest Volcano Mauna Loa(Hawaii islands)
Longest Wall Great Wall of China
Highest Mountain Peak(World) Mt.Everest(Nepal)
Highest Mountain Range Himalayas
Longest Mountain Range Andes Central South America
Biggest Museum British Museum (London)
Highest Waterfall Salto Angel Falls(Venezuela)
Longest Gulf Gulf of Mexico
Tallest Minar(Free Standing) Qutub Minar, Delhi(238ft)
Deepest and Biggest Ocean The Pacific
Largest Peninsula Arabia
Largest Palace Imperial Palace(Gugong)Beijing(China)
Largest Park National Park, Greeland
Largest Archipelago Indonesia
Coldest Place Verkhoyansk(Siberia)Temperature(-89.2c).
Driest Place Death Valley(California)
Hottest Place AI-Aziziyah(Libya,Africa)136F
Largest Platform(Railway) Grand Central Terminal, New York(USA)
Longest Platform(Railway) Kharagpur(1.072 km)india
Largest River Basin Amazon Basin
WQorld Rainiest spot Cherrapunji(Maswsynram)
Largest Port Port of New York and New Jersey(USA)
Biggest Port Rotterdm(the Nethalands)
Longest Railway Trans-Siberian Railway
Longest River Nile(6690 km)
Longest Rivar Dam Hirakud dam(Odisha),India
Largest Sea-Bird Albatross
Largest Sea (Inland) Mediterranean
Tallest Statue State Of Liberty, New York(USA)
Tallest Tower Sky Tree Tower, Tokyo(Japan)
Tallest Tower(bronze) Bronze Statue of Loard Buddha,Tokyo(Jaipur)
Longest Swimming Course English Channel (Between London and Edinburgh)
Longest Train Nonstop Flying Scotsman
Longest Tunnel(Railway) Seikan Rail Tunnel(Japan)
Longest and Largest Canal/Tunnel Le Rove Tunnel(South of France)
Lightest Gas Hydrogen
Lightest Metal Lithium
Highest Melting Point Tungstan,(34100C)
Hardest Substance Diamond
Fastest Animal The Peregrine Falcon
Longest Corridor Rameshwaram Temples's Corridor
Longest Poisonous Snake King Cobra
Largest Stadium Strahov Stadium in Prague(the Czech Republic)
Largest Temple Angkor Vat(Combodia)
Largest Diamond Mine Kimbarley(South Africa)
Longest Church Basilica of ST Peter, Vatican City , Rome(italy)
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