Dress Code for Interview

Arrive on time for the interview. It conveys that you know the value of time and that you will be punctual for work if appointed.

Dressing Sense

  • Researchers comment that what people think about us is decided within the first three minutes of a meeting. This makes dressing an important business tool
  • Dress smartly for your interview. It makes a positive impression. It's half the battle won
  • Keep all electrical accessories (Phone) out of sight and turned off

For men

  • Clothes should be clean, pressed and well fitting
  • A white shirt is ideal for formal wear. White socks are not!
  • Ties, generally, should be professional and conservative. Your tie should reach, but not exceed, the top of your belt buckle. Do not wear a bow-tie to an interview.
  • Make sure the trouser length is exactly right and the trousers just touch your shoes
  • Your belt and shoes should match. Black belt with black shoes is best
  • Ensure your hair is clean, and neatly styled for a corporate look

For women

  • Dress smartly and neatly otherwise sloppiness will show in your work as well
  • Salwar kameez is the ideal choice - 80 per cent of the Indian women prefers it
  • Cotton sarees well starched and neatly pinned gives an elegant and business like look to a woman. And silk sarees are ideal for official get-togethers
  • Ensure your hair is clean, and tied neatly
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