Pre-Preparation for Interview

Prepare documents for your interview

  • Extra copies of your resume (nearly 3 copies)
  • Your Degree certificate and mark sheets
  • Xerox copy of your certificates (nearly 3 copies)
  • Good pen
  • Legal pad for taking notes
  • Passport size photograph and any other information that you may wish to have with you. Learn all you can about the company or organization; learn as much as you can so that your questions are sophisticated and knowledgeable during the interview Before the Interview

You impress the interviewer if it is obvious you've done some research. It will also help you develop good answers to the interviewer's questions. Information you should know about the company prior to your interview:

  • Organizational structure
  • Name of the interviewer
  • Divisions / departments that interest you
  • Areas they are eliminating
  • Products / Services
  • Training programs
  • Size of the company
  • Types of clients
  • Growth in the past and future potential
  • Job description & job title
  • Employee benefits

Before attending the Interview if possible refer the following materials of a Company

  • Web site
  • Promotion materials
  • Annual Reports
  • Articles and Journals published about the Industry and the company

Be prepared to answer and ask questions

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